The Ranking Games: In Search of The Holy Grail


Now that the new EuroLeague is underway, the quest for the 2016/17 Holy Grail has officially begun.  And so far some coaches so far have confessed that teams will sustain numerous loses during the season, so then we asked how many loses is too much, and with the new EuroLeague format are things easy to fix?

The current format have promised us at least 30 regular season games with top notch basket-ball. Now, for some 30 games might seem as plenty of opportunities to make things right after one lose or two loses…. Basically there’s some truth to it but the situation actually depends, and we have to admit that after reading thoroughly Eurohoops’ power rankings we started thinking of how tough it could prove to be not only fixing things but to actually just making it to the playoffs.

The new EuroLeague is consisted of 16 teams, according to the aforementioned power ranking, we will divide the teams into three different groups:

The first group are the obvious contenders or the “definite” playoff bound team which for obvious reasons includes the reigning champs.

  1. CSKA
  2. Real Madrid
  3. Fenerbache
  4. Barcelona

That leaves us with 12 teams that are fighting for the four remaining seeds, and we’ll divide these teams into two groups:

The 5-8 seeds, which for the sake of the argument will be:

  1. Darussafaka
  2. Olympiacos
  3. Anadolu Efes
  4. Maccabi

And the third and final group: the 9-16 ranked teams (surprising right?)

  1. Baskonia
  2. Panathinaikos
  3. Bamberg
  4. Galatasaray
  5. Milan
  6. Crvena Zvezda
  7. Unics Kazan
  8. Zalgiris

Now let the “ranking games” begin:

If a team wants to be considered as a playoff bounded team, they cannot allow themselves to lose games vs the third group (9-16) meaning they would have to win almost every game vs these teams, in addition they would have to win as many away games on their own group (the 5-8 seeds) as they can (since home games are a must). Winning games against the “contenders” should be considered as a huge bonus, as they are not expected to lose a lot of games.  And the same goes for the teams that were ranked 9-16 if they have playoff aspirations.

The 8-9 scenario:

The situation at hand is very unique and could very well happen as last season taught us where things were decided almost in the very last minute of the top 16. Since the 9th or even the 10th or 11th ranked teams can find themselves within a playoff brink, especially in case of an internal group that will include the 8th seed. From the looks of it is safe to say that though no one knows how things will unfold, it already seems that we are headed for the most intense competition we’ve ever experienced and that the EuroLeague were spot on.


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