Real Madrid Vs Darussafaka: When Offense Meets Offense

After Fenerbache swept them of their feet, it seemed that Madrid would come hungrier than ever to prove that they belong to be back in the F4, and boy have they done it ever so nicely, they did with style, they did with grace and above all they look like the number one contenders and possibly the favorites to go all the way.

On Paper: A series with two offensive oriented teams in which Madrid uses Fener’s brooms to sweep Darussafaka

Why: For starters they have the experience the quality and the flash. They are deeper, they are the number one seed and also coach Pablo Laso swept Coach David Blatt’s newly built team who made it to the playoffs in the last moment back in 2013 (yup the year Olympiacos completed back to back titles).

Why not: It’s David Blatt, his team is worth at least one win against the Blancos so it can go 3-1.

The Madrid Basketball:

Real Madrid are perimeter oriented team that likes to rain triples therefore their game is based on shooter’s play using a lot of pin downs simply for Jaycee Carrol to keep raining triples, and obviously is not the only shooter on the roster, they are well balanced and diversified in their frontcourt as they can post they can pick and pop, they can stretch the floor block shots basically what’s not to like about it? Oh yeah they’ve had throughout the season Sergio Llull on full frenzy mode, and their level of execution is simply remarkable.

If what that’s written above is not enough to make the point as to why Madrid’s never ending talent is expected to make it in three, we’ll just give you a reminder that they are the tied as the best home team of the regular season alongside CSKA and Panathinaikos with a streak of 14-1.

Darussafaka: Opened strong, almost got eliminated but eventually made it

Before giving the story of Coach Blatt’s offense, we have to acknowledge the path that Darussafaka have gone through in order to make it to the playoffs, while being under the spotlight week after week they have delivered with their back being up against the wall, and when the money was on the table they got the job done as a fighting unit.

Since we are talking about fighting units and their offensive game, it’s safe to say that Darussafaka’s offense is rather different from Madrid who are more based on team plays. The Dacka offense is more based on gifted scorers that can create for themselves. In addition, in this best of five series they are expected to have physical advantages in some match ups as well, they have Ante Zizic who can cause some havoc in the paint, problem is they have only one Zizic.

Even though that coach’s Blatt players are having a tremendous season and it’s safe to say that some have made it to scout’s notebooks overseas they cannot match up with Madrid in terms of trying to get the W with exchanging baskets, they would have to slow down the Madrid offensive machine, problem is it takes a lot of energies, and this is exactly where depth plays the decisive role.

With Madrid wanting to prove that last season’s events where a one-time thing, the Turkish side will put up a fight as they know that in order to stay in the EuroLeague for another year could be achieved by winning it all and even though they have no intention of going down in the playoffs, we can say that they’ve done great in this season regardless of how this best of five series will end.



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