Maik ZIrbes And Quincy Miller Are Approaching Maccabi, Weems As Well

Though their European season have come to an end sooner than expected the Isreaeli powerhouse are working heavilly on building their roster for the 2016/17 season, the first two players to appear on Maccabi’s radar are Maik Zirbes (2.08,26 and Quincy Miller (2.08,23) who are having an outstanding season so far. Miller is¬†averaging 14.2P and 5.9 R where Zirbes’s numbers are 13.1P and 6.5 R, both will be coming from Red Star to TLV.

A source related to the matter confirmed that there are talks with both players and added that the talks are headed in a positive direction and that they are hoping to finlize the deal soon.

Update: according to reports in the Israeli media the two players have signed with the club.also Sonny Weems who confirmed the news of him joining the renuing roster from Tel-Aviv.


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