Luka La Decima

With the tenth title (Madrid’s and Zeljko) on the line we expected a fight between the new EuroLeague champs Los Blancos and now the former champs Fenerbahce, so what really happened enroute of the La Decima?

Right from the tipoff we saw both teams going inside for two different strategies, Real Madrid went in first to get Fenerbahce front court into foul trouble, on the other hand Fener went inside simply to attack the relatively slower legs of Madrid’s front court. Duverioglu capitalized time and again as Fenerbahce took the lead, but it wasn’t until Madrid’s first three pointer until things got better because just like it happened on Friday when it rained it poured.

Fener continued doing what they did in the first quarter, meaning they went inside where it was easy for them to find points in a high percentage. On defense Zoc went again with the same double team strategy he had against Zalgiris, only this time for every double team that was attempted in the first half Laso brought a wing player to open the passing lane that allowed great ball movement and even passing inside to Tavares who found himself alone, and still Real didn’t capitalize enough as Fenerbahce continued to go inside.

In the third quarter Causeur took care of business from inside and outside, facilitating and shooting but above all it was his great decision making that made all the difference as he also took his defender for a joyride (Roexette pun intended) a few times. Fenerbahce made a staggering 61.9% for 2points in the first half but their perimeter offense was simply not there only 33.3%.

Madrid got their way with Fener whose transition defense has definitely seen better days, going with Tavares finally paid off for coach Laso as he used his length in the most effective of ways as Fenerbahce’s percentage for two points dropped to 54.5 percent, with the 50:50 balls going with Los Blancos it became clearer and clearer that Madrid’s La Decima is closer than ever, as they became more assertive going inside drawing fouls, and getting points from the free throw line. The story of the third quarter might have been Causeur, the fourth though was all Luka Doncic as Madrid wins their 10th title.

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